Baresandals feet modelsBaresandals feet models

Linda’s feet in the fountain water – Video – Update 4075

Linda's wet feet - 4075

It’s a very hot summer day and Linda enjoys putting her soft feet in the cold fountain water. Her wet feet look nice as whey play with the water, with nice views of her toes, soles and curvy arches.

Natalie dangling her flip flops – Video – Update 4074

Natalie dangling flip flops

Natalie is sitting up and her feet are not touching the floor. They move in the air and play with her flip flops. They dangle and move around while her feet play with them.

Girl exercising in park – Video – Update 4073

Yoga girl feet 4073

Very cute looking young woman does different exercises in a public park showing off her vice feel with polished red toe nails. We captured a few moments and posted a video here.

Nicole’s flexible ballerina feet in transparent flip flops – Video – Update 4072

Nicole feet in transparent flip flops

Cute looking Nicole has been doing ballet for a very long time and is very flexible. Her feet are very flexible too. She is standing in front of the camera with transparent flip flops on her feet. The sandals are very flexible too. She shows off her feet in front of the camera, moving them around, flexing them, moving her slender toes, dangling and letting us enjoy her nice shoeplay. The soles are also visible through her transparent sandals and it’s quite spectacular when they flex in front of the camera.

Natalie’s shoeplay in flip flops – Video – Update 4070

Flip flops dangling 4070

Natalie is sitting on the bench with her black flip flops. She shows off her feet and lets her sandals dangle off her toes. Nice little shoeplay with slightly dirty soles.

Natalie’s dirty feet in flip flops – Video – Update 4071

Nataly dirty feet in flip flops 4071

Natalie is laying down on the bench with her feet in the air. Her dirty are filthy and her soles are filthy. Her flip flops are dangling off her feet. She is playful, her toes spread and grab the sandals, move them around, exposing her dirty soles until they fall off. This angel face is a nice contrast to such dirty feet.