Baresandals feet modelsBaresandals feet models

Bianca’s foot tease and shoe play in strappy high heel sandals – Video – Update 3133

Bianca's shoeplay in strappy high heels sandals

Bianca is sitting on the couch and lets the undoes the straps from her high heels. She lets her beautiful feet play with the shoes, the toes with the straps. Bianca has perfect soft feet, soles and toes. Her shoe play in sandals is amazing.

Selena and Lina sandals under the table – Video – Update 4047

Selena and Lina sandals under the table

Lina and Selena went to a restaurant to have a glass red wine sitting outside. First they had their feet play with the shoes under the table, Lina has very sexy high heel sandals. Then they put their feet on the chair and we can see Selena’s soles as her sandals come off. The restaurant owner probably didn’t like feet and asked the girls to put the feet off the chair. Not everybody enjoys good things in life.

Lina shoeplay in high heel sandals. Video – Update 4046

Foot model Lina Feet in High Heels Sandals

We loved Lina for her feet and shoeplay when she was finishing high school. Now, a couple of years later, we met her again. She is attending college now. We found her with high heel sandals and decided to pay her immediately to be allowed to film her playful feet. Dangling, sipping, shoeplay toes and soles, all to be admires. She used to be a great foot tease then, now she is even better.

Selena in flip flops and motorcycle – update 4045

Baresandals Selena's Felip Flops Feet on Motorcycle

Selena is wearing yellow flip flops and sits on a motorcycle. She moves her feet around and reveals her beautiful soles. We see her toes coming in and out of her sandals until they come off and we can admire her naked feet next to the motors and pedals.

Selena in stockings dangling brown and golden sandals – Video – Update 4044

Selena sandals and stockings 4044

Selena is wearing stockings and a nice little summer drew that shows her beautiful long legs. She has brown and gold flat sandals dangling off her nylon clad feet. Lots of dangling and shoe play, when the sandals come off we can admire her sexy nylon covered soles and polished toes. Selena is one of our most beautiful and sexy girls.

Nikola’s feet in nylons with converse shoes – Video – Update 4031

Nikola’s feet in nylons with converse shoes

Nikola is sitting on the bench with a nice red dress. But she has been walking around with her converse sneakers and had pantyhose on. She puts her feet on the bench and slowly lets her sneakers dangle of her nyloned feet. When the shoes come off she wiggles her toes and moves her feet around under the stockings. Her wrinkled soles look fantastic under her nylon stockings, and they are planed practically on your face.

Nikola’s feet in nylons with converse sneakers