Summer feet in rubber flip flops candids – update 12065 HD


It is a hot summer day and this cute German woman is wearing a pair of rubber flip-flops sandals under the table. Her feet are nice, slender and flexible. She has nicely decorated toenail polish what we can see occasionally as she moves her feet around.  Being behind her, we mostly get to enjoy her soles.

Dangling blue sandals with brown platform soles. Candid update 12066 – HD


This is a great candid video clip of a German girl sitting outside a restaurant wearing platform sandals with high brown soles and blue straps. She has very nice soft feet and toes with perfect red toenail polish. Sometimes she was not moving much, other moments she had her sandals dangling lightly off her feet making it a very attractive sight. Our hidden camera was not far away and captured videos that are a foot fetish lovers dream. High-quality HD video.

Young candid flip flops shoe play and dangling – Video update 12024


One of our nicest candid clips with a very cute young girl sitting outside letting her perfect feet play and slip in and out of her flip-flops. Her perfect soles are visible from every angle as if you were there. She has blue toenail polish and very nice soft skin. This candid video wasn’t easy to make since there was no way to hide the camera. But it was worth the efforts and risks of being caught. She is incredible, her feet and soles are beautiful. Her shoe play in sandals is really sexy. Good quality candid clip.

Candid soles and feet in German parks – Video update 12033

12033 Candid feet

Spring season 2018. This time the weather is hot, like a hot summer day in warmer countries. Girls go to the public parks, lay down and take off their shoes. We couldn’t miss the fun and went out with extreme zoom lens to document as much as we can. This clip features some feet and soles from German girls relaxing on the grass. These are nice days to go out in the city.

Candid tourist soles in flip flops – update 11008

11008brs Candid feet in Flip Flops

Nice looking American woman sitting in front of a famous monument in Rome. She has cute rubber flip flops on her feet and we could see every bit of her soles behind her. She was raising her heels, flexing and stretching her soles right above her sandals. Nice candid feet. Duration: 2’50. HD video: 1920×1080.

German waitress break candid feet thong sandals – Video 4179


A 22 years old German waitress (I talked to her) takes a break from work and sits outside with a friend. She has a pair of silver / gold coloured thong sandals and black nail polish on her toes. As she talks she moves her feet slightly, lifting her heels and showing her soft soles. The candids camera comes close enough to reveal every detail of her soles, heels, arches, and toes.