German waitress break candid feet thong sandals – Video 4179


A 22 years old German waitress (I talked to her) takes a break from work and sits outside with a friend. She has a pair of silver / gold coloured thong sandals and black nail polish on her toes. As she talks she moves her feet slightly, lifting her heels and showing her soft soles. The candids camera comes close enough to reveal every detail of her soles, heels, arches, and toes.

Summer feet in flat sandals, tourists girls candid feet – video 4178

Candid feet sandals 4178brs

Two girls sit a few minutes after a long walk. They sit high up, their feet can’t reach the ground so they hang in the air. One of the girls is particularly cute. They both have flat sandals with some decoration. A strap on their heels keep the sandals on their feet, so there is no shoeplay or any shoe dangling. Just a few candid shots with a nice view on their feet as they move in the air. The cute girl with the phone has nail polish on her toes with nice little dots and patterns.

Sweet candid feet German student flip flops. Video 4160

4160 candid feet

This very cute German student was sitting outside concentrating on her school books. She had flip flop sandals on her feet, and we managed to go close enough to get them on video.  Her toes had old blue nail polish in parts,some of it came off as she probably didn’t take care of it for a while. Good quality. Video size: 960×540.

Candid girl feet in rubber flip flops – Video 4161

Candid Feet Flip Flops 4161brs

Cute blonde German girl sitting outside at the cafe wearing rubber flip flops on her feet. We took place behind her and managed to film her feet and sandals from a close distance and in high resolution. Her feet are cute, she doesn’t move or play much but her feet are still nice and we can see them here in detail.

Candid rough feet blonde in flip flops – 4159

Blonde girl feet in flip flops 4159

This cute blonde girl had an incredibly cute face but when we sat behind her we saw her feet under the table slipping in and out of her rubber flip flops. Her feet were tired, her soles were rough. You can see the dry and hard skin on her heels and her toes. If you like these type of feet you will like this clip.

Candid soles and feet shoe play under the table – Video 4148

4148 Candid feet in sandals

This cute girl was sitting at the restaurant and we noticed her playful feet slipping out of her flat summer sandals. Her soles are nice and well visible, we sat behind her table and filmed the whole action up close. Lots of shoeplay, her feet were out of her shoes most of the times. Her foot play was spectacular as her soles kept stretching and curling. Nice candid feet video.