German blonde girl in white sandals in the metro. Candid video 4147

German girl candid feet in metro 4147

Cute blonde German girl caught in the metro with flip flops like white thong sandals in the metro. Sometimes beautiful things happen when least expected, and I certainly didn’t expect this cute girl to sit in front of me in the metro. She looked good, had nice feet, and I was able to see them in many poses, toes, arches and soles, as she moved them, stretched them, or pushed them against the metal pole in front of her.

Candid flip flops shoeplay, best of the year – Video – 4146

Candid flip flops shoeplay 4146

This woman was sitting outside having breakfast wearing rubber flip flops. This is one of the very best candid feet video we had in years. Very high quality video, gorgeous girl, beautiful feet and incredible shoe play. She was elegant and yet her feet were moving around a lot in her sandals. She had flexible and playful feet, the poses with the flip flops were amazing, making her toes and soles look great, sometimes stretching, other times curling. She also had some of the nicest arches I’ve seen in a very long time. The video is absolutely worth it. More than 9 minutes beauty.









Chinese girls playful feet in flip flops. Candids – Video update 4145

Chinese girl fliip flops dangling candids feet 4145brs

This Chinese girl looks very, very nice, with her nice body, cute face, and perfect feet. She was visiting Europe as a tourist and sat outside a cafe to have a small drink. Her beautiful feet were playful and kept moving in her flip flops. We were close to her feet and captured some good foot action on our hidden camera.

French Girl Candid Feet in Ballerinas – Video – 4141

Candid Ballerinas 4141brs

Here is a cute French girl as she was sitting outside a coffee shop with a friend. She had black ballerinas on, but not for long. She could not resist having her feet slip out of her shoes and get some fresh air. Her toes had a nice light nail polish and her soles looked soft. She was moving a lot, sometimes dangling one shoe off her feet, most of the times moving her flats around.

Gorgeous English elegant tourist in black flip flops – 4135

English Girl Feet in flip Flops Candids 4135_brs

When I saw this beautiful girl walking by I lost my mind. A beautiful young woman, elegant, perfect face, body, incredible smile and impressible manners. She was walking around dressed very elegantly except for her black rubber flip flops, very casual compared to the rest. But her feet were beautiful, her toes perfect and she had a toe ring too. I felt so lucky to find her again sitting in a bar outdoors. I sat behind her and filmed as much as I could. While the action is limited I am still impressed with the elegance and beauty of this girl.

Candid feet with Tattoos on bench – Video 4132

Candid tattoo feet 4132

This girl removed her ballerinas and had her feet on a bench while having a beer at this garden bar. She had a large tattoo on one of her feet. Her position made it very easy for our candid camera to see her toes and soles as they kept moving and curling.