Candid feet, Italian girl soles in white sandals – Video – Update 4082

Candid feet & soles in white sandals - 4082

A nice looking Italian girl was having a drink at a bar table outside. She was wearing white sandals that were slipping off sometimes. We went behind her and could really admire red soles as she let her sandals slip and go down. Our hidden camera was able to capture her candid feet in all their beauty

Candid purple flip flops under the table – Video – Update 4076

Candid feet in purple flip flops - update 4076

This cute tourist was siting at the restaurant table. She was wearing purple flip flops which she immediately removed. We see her cute feet moving around under the table, her toes are nice and have red nail polish. She then slips in her flip flops again and starts moving her feet with her shoes. Nice candid video file.

Girl exercising in park – Video – Update 4073

Yoga girl feet 4073

Very cute looking young woman does different exercises in a public park showing off her vice feel with polished red toe nails. We captured a few moments and posted a video here.

Sweet face dirty soles and feet candids – Video – Update 4067

Candid dirty soles - 4067

A very beautiful blond German girl is sitting in a restaurant. Her face is sweet and clean. But when she removes her shoes her soles are very dirty and the nail polish on her toes is almost completely gone. She moves her feet, crosses her ankles, curls and stretches her dirty soles. We also get a close up of her shoes, similar to ballerinas, with very filthy insides. With shoes in these conditions her soles will get dirty just by wearing them. Her dirty feet contrast with her young and delicate face. If you see her face you would never think she would have dirty feet like this. Very nice quality candid feet video.

Two tourists in platform thongs and flat sandals – Video – Update 4060

Candid platform flip flops - 4060

Two beautiful girls enjoying their holidays in Europe. One of them is wearing flat sandals, but we concentrate on the second one, a beautiful and elegant young woman with platform thong sandals and slightly darker skin color. They are standing around and we get a close up of her feet, sometimes she lifts her heels revealing her soles. Her nail polish on her toes looks a little messy on her toes because she obviously didn’t apply it with much care. The feet are a little dirty from walking around the city. Very nice girls, more elegant than the average tourists we film.

White flip flops under the table – Video – Update 4059

Candid white flip flops 4059

Cute blond girl sitting at the cafe talking to friends. Under the table she has white flip flops sandals on her feet. Her toes have red nail polish and her soles are just a little rough from walking around a lot in summer. She moves fed feet slightly and lets her feet play a little in her shoes. Candid video. Duration: 6’48