Nylon feet slipping out of ballerinas on bus – Video – Update 4001


This tourist was sitting on a tour bus. It wasn’t a very hot day and she had skin colored pantyhose on her feet. As soon as she sat down she let her feet slip out of her ballerina shoes, exposing her stockinged soles to us. She moved her toes and curled her feet, which looked great in nylons.

Ice cream girl in thong sandals, candids. Video update 4038

Update 4038 Baresandals candid feet in thong sandals

The blond girl was very cute and had nice feet, so we wanted to film them even if she was sitting too far away to get perfect video. If you are used to video quality (post 2013 / 2014), this clip might be a little disappointing. But if you like this girl and her feet you’ll still enjoy it. She doesn’t play but moves her feet and toes very slightly once in a while. Medium quality.

Italian tourist girl playfully dangling flip flops – Candid video – Update 4004

Candid feet in flip flops - 4004

This cute girl was sitting down and her feet were very playful in her sexy flip flops. Her toes were perfect with nail polish. Her sandals were dangling off her toes, her feet were slippin in and out, sometimes she was touching her toes with her hands. Lots of movement, incredible close ups where you can see every tiny detail of her toes.