Model Update

French Girl Candid Feet in Ballerinas – Video – 4141

Candid Ballerinas 4141brs

Here is a cute French girl as she was sitting outside a coffee shop with a friend. She had black ballerinas on, but not for long. She could not resist having her feet slip out of her shoes and get some fresh air. Her toes had a nice light nail polish and her soles looked soft. She was moving a lot, sometimes dangling one shoe off her feet, most of the times moving her flats around.

Student Selena feet and shoeplay in pink flip flops under her desk, Video update 4137

Student Selena feet and shoeplay in pink flip flops under her desk, Video update 4137 Baresandals

This is an amazing video clip of one of our most popular and beautiful models ever, Selena. We told her we were fixing the camera and needed a little time. She didn’t know we were filming and ignored us while writing something for herself. She was wearing pink flip flops and her feet were moving around under the desk. What we filmed was not staged, her shoeplay was natural because she didn’t know we were filming. She told us later that she always lets her feet slip out of her shoes or lets them dangle in the university or anywhere she sits. Her shoeplay and dangling is magnificent and natural. Her soles are often visible in public. Beautiful model, high quality video.

Selena dangling flat sandals on the couch – Video – Update 4136

Selena dangling flat sandals update 4136

Our beautiful; Selena with her long legs and slender feet is laying on the couch with her legs up and feet in the air. She has a pair of nice brightly colored flat sandals. Her toes move and wiggle, the shoes dangle off her feet. Beautiful shoeplay with nice views of her feet and soles. High quality video.

Alicia in wood thick soled wedge sandals – Video update 4131

Alicia Girl feet in wedge thong sandals 4131

Alicia is in the park wearing really sexy thick soled wooden wedge thong sandals. Harder and thicker than regular flip flops it makes her taller and makes her feet really stand out. There are lots of close ups of her feet playing around in her shoes. Nice dangling and shoeplay until the shoes come off and we admire her barefoot with her soles stretching and curling in the air. Lovely toes wiggling and spreading too.

Alicia playful feet with her black canvas sneakers – Video – 4129


Cute Alicia came to us wearing her black canvas sneakers on her small feet. Unlike many other German girls she didn’t wear any hidden socks under the shoes to avoid smelling. So I was curious and asked her nicely about it. She told me that she didn’t have many boyfriends and the ones she had never even noticed her feet, so she didn’t care if they smell or not. But I was there and I know they had a beautiful scent. I was lucky enough to enjoy it. Her feet were coming out of her shoes to get fresh air and let them dangle. She told me she does this regularly if she doesn’t think about it. I can assure you that this girl has incredibly beautiful, small, and soft feet. I touched many feet but her feet will strike anyone. An incredible softness and texture, the sweetest scent, and her playfulness. So close to heaven …

Alicia in stockings dangling sling back high heels – Video – 4128


Enjoy Alicia’s feet in transparent stockings and sling back high heels. Alicia sits above us and her feet start playing around like usual, letting her high heel shoes dangle and eventually fall off. Her nylon clad feet, toes, and soles look great without shoes or playing with them.