Model Update

Alicia feet tease with jewelry – Video – Update 4120

Alicia feet with jewelry

Alicia has cute small feet and toes but is very playful and loves to tease. She also wanted to playfully show off her jewelry collection with her feet. Laying barefoot on the couch she puts the jewelry on her feet and between her toes. Soles on the camera and then her red polished toes air. Nice tease and cute feet.

Madelaine ballerina shoeplay on the grass – Video – Update 4119

Madeleine in ballerinas 4119

Madelaine is enjoying a nice summer day reading a book in the grass. She is laying on her stomach and her feet are in the air. Her black ballerinas dangling off her feet. Her soles are sweet but a little rough. Her flats move around and slowly come off leaving her barefoot. High quality video.

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Linda with wedge sandals in fall – Video – Update 4118

Linda dangling wedge sandals 4118

It’s autumn time and the part is covered with yellow and red leaves. Linda is wearing one of her sexy brown wedge sandals. Wedge shoes are one of the more special assortments of ladies footwear and they could be worn in between any season. Not warm and not cold, Linda would not usually wear open shoes, but those wedge sandals are comfortable enough. While sitting down she unties the laces letting her feet move and play with her dangling sandals.

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Jana with dirty feet in white flip flops – Video – 3089

Jana dirty feet in flip flops 3089

You are going to be right under Jana’s dirty soles as she lets her feet slip in and out of her white flip flops. Her soles practically on your face, her toes curling, spreading, or pushing the rubber band from her sandals b between her toes. The video quality is very high, filmed inches away from the shoeplay. One of our best clips of this kind with one of our cutest young model.

Marta’s soles in blue rubber flip flops – Video – Update 3371

Marta soles and blue flip flops 3371

Marta is sitting on the grass, then lays on her back. The blue rubber flip flops dangle off her toes and then drop off to the ground. Her soles are well visible and wrinkle inches away from the camera. Her lovely toes wiggle too. High quality.

Paula feet and soles in flip flops – Video – Update 4116


Paula is a cute new young Spanish student modeling for us. She has small and incredibly playful feet. She spontaneously lets her shoes dangle, moves her feet, spreads her toes and curls her soles. Just nice, flexible, curly, sexy and flexible feet with natural dangling, dipping and shoeplay. She is on the bed with pink flip flops that come off after some shoeplay, leaving her incredible soles exposed up close. High quality, 950×540. MP4 version compatible with all systems.

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