Blonde girl with German sandals under the table – Update 12268

This very cute looking German girl had Birkenstock sandals popular in Germany under the table. Her feet were nice and slender, and t was nice to see them slip off of her sandals once in a while, revealing her curling soles. Her nails had nail polish. Her face is very cute. Candid feet video.

German girl feet out of flats under cafe table – update 12267

A cute looking German girl sits at a cafe and removes her black and white flats under the table while talking to a friend. Her soles are a bit tired looking, she has probably been walking a lot in those shoes and didn’t do much to change the look and feel. Some like her soles like that, especially when they are wrinkled and curled with the toes resting in the shoes.

German girl with blue flip flops at the bus station – Candid update 12266

This cute blonde girl was sitting at the bus station waiting for transportation. It was Summer and she had a pair of blue flip flops on her feet. No dangling or play, but she does change position relatively often revealing her feet and soles from many different angles. Most of the video was shot from behind a glass so many scenes are not very high in contrast and detail, but her feet are nice.

Dirty tired candid feet out of flip flops belong to this sweet face girl – Update 12253

Dirty tired candid feet out of flip flops 12253

This is another one of those cases where it’s hard to believe a nice looking German girl with a sweet face like that has feet that are completely different. When we saw this girl we were happy to see that she had flip flops under the table and it was possible to get a good spot close enough to capture some high quality candid footage of her feet and soles. We didn’t expect her feet to be so dirty, unpolished, even with some dry skin coming off. It’s a nice clip that some are going to love. But it’s not for everyone. Whose who like pedicured feet with a soft skin will not find any of that here. Her feet are most of the times of of her sandals, making her soles well visible as they stretch, flex cross on her ankles and play with the shoes.

German girl slightly dirty feet in black sandals update 12252

This German young woman was sitting outside a cafe with a friend.  She was wearing black sandals with straps.  Her soles were a little dirty and dry, but still nice.  Not much movement or shoe play, just a few close ups.  HD video: 1920×1080. Duration: 2’02.

Woman with black flat sandals under the table – Candid update 12245

This cute girl with dark hair was sitting at the table outdoors with a friend. She was wearing a pair of black colored flat sandals that left her feet well visible. Her skin was a little dry, and her soles were well visible in close-up as she was letting the heels lift up from the shoes. The light was a bit difficult so the quality is not as high as most of our clips but she was attractive.