Beautiful face with golden sandals under the table – Video update 12311

Seeing  this clean faced girl sitting at the restaurant it was hard to imagine that she would have her feet play and slip out of her golden flat sandals in such a sexy way under the table. Being there it was easy to enjoy the scene with her well exposed soles and sexy playful feet. Sometimes she rested her feet on curled toes and her soles were showing off nice wrinkles. She also has perfect soft skin on her feet.

Young woman standing with sport sandals – Video update 12308

Candid girl feet shoe play sport sandals slippers

This cute faced young woman was standing outdoors wearing a pair of sport sandals, or slippers. She was still most of the rimes cut occasionally changed position or moved her feet and let them slip out of her shoes, showing off her high arches and soles.

Barefoot play queen removes German sandals and shows soles and toes – Candid update 12305

This amazing young woman was sitting outside having a beer. Her feet were playfully messing around in her German sandals, and after a little shoeplay she remained barefoot giving us a unique show with her beautiful soles exposed to everybody. She was curling and flexing her feet, her soles had beautiful wrinkles when curled, and at the same time had a perfect soft skin and high arches. Light greenish / blue shiny nail polish, skinny legs and lots of showing off her feet under and on her bench, sometimes with her hand touching massaging her soles and toes. Her fingers running between her toes helped them spread.

French soles in pink sandals under the table candids – video update 12302

Candid French soles and feet

This beautiful blond young woman with incredible eyes had playful feet that were spectacular under the table. She came with pink rubber slippers but removed immediately. Her amazing feet moves around taking different positions flexing and curling her soles and really making her arches look great. She really had beautiful soft soles. Her toe nails matched the color of her sandals. Really nice candid video.

American girl with soft feet in black flip flops – Candid update 12297

We found this American tourist with nice looking soft feet in nice black flip flops. What is special about her is that her feet were playful and restless. She moves her feet in many different ways and lets them take many positions, showing off her incredible soles and arches.

Italian girl at the restaurants with flip flopsunder the table showing her soles – Update 12283

A very good looking young Italian woman is at the restaurant outside having a meal. She lifts the back of her feet and reveals her nice soles and the top of her collared flip flops. She has nail polish on her toes and very attractive feet. She doesn’t move much but certainly shows her feet in sandals very well.