Two tourists in platform thongs and flat sandals – Video – Update 4060

Candid platform flip flops - 4060

Two beautiful girls enjoying their holidays in Europe. One of them is wearing flat sandals, but we concentrate on the second one, a beautiful and elegant young woman with platform thong sandals and slightly darker skin color. They are standing around and we get a close up of her feet, sometimes she lifts her heels revealing her soles. Her nail polish on her toes looks a little messy on her toes because she obviously didn’t apply it with much care. The feet are a little dirty from walking around the city. Very nice girls, more elegant than the average tourists we film.

White flip flops under the table – Video – Update 4059

Candid white flip flops 4059

Cute blond girl sitting at the cafe talking to friends. Under the table she has white flip flops sandals on her feet. Her toes have red nail polish and her soles are just a little rough from walking around a lot in summer. She moves fed feet slightly and lets her feet play a little in her shoes. Candid video. Duration: 6’48

Blond music player in clear high heels candids – Video – update 4051

Blond music player in clear high heels candids

This very beautiful girl with blond hair is playing a musical instrument sitting outside. Her feet are very sexy feet with long and polished toe nails. Her sandals are transparent high heels.While she plays her instrument she moves her feet a little and we can see them in nice detail.

Italian girl with playful flip flops under the cafe table, Video – Update 4041

Italian girl with playful flip flops under the cafe table

This is a candid clip of an attractive Italian girl sitting with friends at the cafe table. Her feet in thong sandals are playful under the table. I quickly moved to get a seat in the most strategic place near her. It was worth it. She moves her feet and gives us a nice variety of of poses as her soles flex and stretch in front of us. Her soles wrinkle deeply as she curls her toes inside her flip flops. We were close enough to get a very good quality video.

Asian tourists in black flip flops. Candid video & Gallery – Update 4039

Candid Asian Feet in Flip Flops

Two cute asian girls walk around in their black rubber flip flops. They sit down and we’re able to go right behind them to film their feet and soles as close as possible. They move their feet slowly, allowing us to see them in different poses and different poses. They also lift the back of their feet from the sandals, revealing their beautifully soft soles. I’m sure they would have loved to get a foot massage after walking around for hours in those shoes. Candid video and images.

Spanish woman with golden thong sandals candids – Video & Small Gallery – Update 4035

Baresandals_candid_feet_flipflops 4035

Nice attractive Spanish woman sits down to take a break from walking around the city. She lifts her heels showing us her soles, and lets her feet slip slightly in her sandals. Her shoes dangle off her feet a little. The level of detail is very high, all the way to macro shots of her toes.