Candid feet: two girls outside a cafe, one with sweaty feet in black flip flops – Video – Update 4033


Two cute girls were sitting together at the cafe table. One of them has black rubber flip flops, her friend in the background has black ballerinas that she occasionally removes. But our voyeur camera focuses mainly on the girl as her sweaty feet give us an incredible show under the table. They slip in and out of the sandals, they stretch and show off her nice soles, her toes have a bright color nail polish, we film her from the side and from behind, going into details sometimes.

Sweet face tourist playful brown flip flops – Video – Update 3147

Baresandals Candids Feet in Flip Flops

One of the cutest candid feet we have. This girl is very beautiful with a sweet clean face. We see her sitting outside wearing brown rubber flip flops and toe rings. Her feet, toes, and soles are beautifully shaped. She lifts her feet and moves them around, revealing us her perfect arches and soles. We captured the scene in great detail. This is what happens around us in Summer sometimes. High quality candids video.

Nice tourist with sandals and blue nails – Video – Update 4025


Very beautiful woman wearing sandals and blue nail polish on her toes. She also has a large tattoo on her ankle. Obviously, she likes to draw attention to her beautiful feet. This candid video takes you very close to her feet, literally inches away, revealing every detail.

Playful candid feet and play in ballerinas – Video & Gallery – Update 3343


Here’s a cute young German tourist sitting outside with her friends. She lets her ballerinas shoes slip off her feet, with nice dipping and shoeplay. We see her slightly dirty soft soles in many positions and angles. Very nice video as the scene is captured right behind the girl, just inches away from her feet and under her seat. An incredibly nice (and somewhat dangerous) position to film the whole scene. Very nice quality candid video.

Candid airport flip flops feet – Video – Update 3160


Three cute girls are sitting at the airport terminal and playing with a phone. They are all wearing flip flops. One of them, probably the cutest, has dirty feet. There’s some dangling and moving, close ups, the girl with dirty feet shortly runs a finger between her toes. The girls are very cute and clean looking.

Sensual candid feet in black sandals – Video – Update 3346


A very beautiful and sensual girl walks around the city in black thong sandals, or more elegant flip flops. Her feet look soft and are beautiful Her heels are slightly dirty, in contrast with her perfectly polished toes. She walks, stands, moves her feet. Beautiful feet and good quality candid video.