Model Update

Saleswoman Adriana removes high heels and shows tired feet in nylons – Update 12256

Adriana works in a department store and had to walk many hours a day in her high heels and pantyhose. By modelling for us she accepted to show off her tired feet and the way she usually lets them stretch and rest out of there shoes when she takes a pause from work. She is wearing tanned transparent shockings here and her feet are well visible through the nylon. She is not wearing nail polish, just has traces of previously used polish before. Her soles and heels are dry and visibly tired from the hours at work. A slight pleasant smell can be perceived when getting close to her shoes and feet.

Lena nylon feet and soles on the coffee table – Update 12250

Lena nylon feet and soles

It’s nice being able to see Lena with nylon stockings covering her feet. Even nicer was seeing her play with her phone completely ignoring the camera filming her incredible nylon covered soles on the coffee table. Lovely video.

Severine shoe nylon socks under her high heels – Update 12254

Severine nylon socks in high heels

So many girls wear those short nylon socks under their shoes, mostly to avoid making their feet smell. Those little socks absorb their sweat. Severine takes off her high heels to show off her feet with those nylon socks. Some play, posing, and teasing. After the shooting, when she went to the restroom, I grabbed the socks and put them on my nose. It was worth it. I love the smell they absorb.




Teresa dangling and flip flops shoeplay – update 12100

Teresa foot fetish shoe play in flip flops

Teresa is concentrating on her study papers, reading, and writing. Under the table she has nice rubber flip flops on. There is a lot of dangling, shoe play, and dipping. We admire her shapely feet playing and moving from the sides, and then from behind, with her soles being revealed stretched or wrinkled ad she lifts her heels or removes her sandals.

Lena flip flops and foot fetish tease on the bench – update 12235

Lena is a beautiful dark haired German girl with a sweet face.  After walking in sand she sits on the bench and lets her feet relax.  She plays around on her well-worn flip-flops and then lets them slip off to show us her nice soft soles and toes as they wiggle in front of us.  There is some shoeplay action, she likes to let her feet move in her flip flops. Those are sandals that she has been wearing almost every day in Summer, and that’s very clear when you look at them on the top part of her soles.

Ivanna wrinkle and flexible soles and toes – update 12222

Ivanna soles and feet

Ivanna’s feet are among the most flexible I know. They are long and slender while completely able to curl, stretch, and wrinkle. Layng on the couch, she has her feet facing the camera and plays around teasing you with her feet and soles. A spectacular view.