Model Update

Nikola dangling leather thong sandals – Video – Update 4090

Nikola dangling leather thong sandals

Nikola is wearing leather thong sandals. She is sitting and lets her sandals dangle off her feet. Toe wiggling, shoeplay, dangling and dipping, When her shoes come off you see her wrinkled soles curling and stretching.

Natalie blue flip flops dangling with dirty feet – Video – Update 4088

Natalie with dirty soles dangling blue flip flops

For such a cure girl with this clean angel face Natalie shows off dirty feet quite often. It doesn’t even happen because we ask her to. She just walks around barefoot in every place, careless about where she puts her feet. Her soles are a bit dirty here and she sitting by the lake letting her flip flops dangle off her feet. Very good quality video.

Natalie on the swing with high heels and black stockings – Update 4086

Natalie high heels and nylons

Natalie is truly one of our cutest models. We’re always happy to present you with her beauty. She is sitting on the swing here wearing high heel sandals and black nylons. Lots of shoeplay, dipping and dangling from all sides. Her feet are filmed from the bottom, sometimes only inches away, and we can admire her feet from close.

Natalie high heels and stockings - 4086

Elisabeth trying out our motorbike – Gallery – Update 4085

elisabeth in flip flops

We had a nice Yamaha motorbike parked outside our office. Elisabeth never used a motorbike, but she wanted to sit on it with the engine on. She was wearing black flip flops that were incredibly sexy on her feet. She has a very soft skin on her face and feet, but her soles also have some rough spots that I personally love to have on my face. Seeing her feet in flip flops sandals push on the break and gears pedals made me crazy for the day. She is one of the sexiest women I’ve ever met in my life.

Janine in the park dangling shiny silver flip flops. – Video – Update 4084

4084 - Janine shoeplay in silver flip flops

Janine is sitting under a free, her cute small feet playfully moving in her nice shiny flip flop sandals. She removes her shoes and slides back in. Then she lays other stomach and lets her feet swing in the air. We see her slightly dirty soles, and then we can enjoy a nice scene of shoeplay in the air.

Janine dangling silver flip flops

Emily with girlfriend, kisses and foot worship – Video – Update 4083

Emily foot worship 4083

Emily with girlfriend, kisses and foot worship – Update 4083
Smily comes home and is attracted by her friend sleeping on the couch. They talk to each other (in German) and quickly start kissing each other. They massage each other and Emily finally reaches her friends’ feet. They are both wearing high heel flip flops sandals.