Model Update

Janine feet dangling red ballerina shoes – Video – Update 4068

Janine dangling red ballerinas

Janine is new and is one the cutest girls we’ve ever had. This young student just turned 18 and loves showing off her feet. When we don’t look at her her feet play naturally with the shoes, slipping in and out or letting them dangle. She likes wearing sandals in general and has many shoes. This was her first foot play in front of the camera, she has her cute red ballerinas dangling off her toes until they come off, revealing her slightly dirty soles. She’s a bit shy but she’s learning. She likes her own feet and wants to show them off as much as she can.

Nikola angling blue rubber flip flops – Video – Update 4066


Here is young model Nikola sitting with her rubber light blue flip flops on her feet. While she plays with her phone, her playful feet keep slipping in and out of her flip flop sandals, her toes wiggle in a sexy way, then she lets her shoes dangle off her feet.

Nikola dangling black mules – Video – Update 4064

Nikola mules sandals 4064

Nikola has sexy mules sandals on her feet and she lets them dangle of her toes while she plays with her phone. The view is sweet and sexy and we see the shoes move up and down, we enjoy views of her soles and her playful toes.

Nikola dangling brown wood sandals – Video – Update 4063

Nikola dangling wood sandals 4063

Nikola is sitting outside playing with her phone. She has nice and sexy brown sandals with wooden soles.Her shoes dangle off her feet and she shows off her feet a little, but she never cares or things about us. She does her stuff on the phone and lets us enjoy her play.

Nikola shoeplay in white sandals and cork platform – Video – Update 4062

white sandals and cork platform - 4062

Nikola teases us with platform white sandals and cork platforms. She’s sitting outside playing with her phone and gives us a nice shoeplay where we can admire her playful feet, soles and toes. At the end of the clip she grabs the shoe straps with her toes and let it dangle in the air, with her wrinkled soles on our face.

Nicole shoeplay in black rubber platform sandals – Video – update 4052

Nicole in platform flip flops - 4052

Nicole is one of our favorite and cutest models. She is usually very elegant and likes to wear expensive shoes, boots and high heels. But this time we asked her to show off her feet in those rubber black platform flip flops. When we first met her she was a little shy about showing off her feet in flip flops but now she has no problems with it and really enjoys teasing us. Her long toes are lovely.