Model Update

Linda wood sandals shoeplay in the park – Update 12042 HD

Linda dangling sandals

Linda in laying on her stomach in the park with her feet in the air. She has a pair of very sexy wooden high heel thong sandals with flip flops like straps in her playful feet. Lots of shoeplay and dangling in the air, one shoe falls off and the feet keep playing around, with slightly dirty soles. Very beautiful girl, extra nice feet and one of the best video quality clips we’ve produced so far.

Selena black flip flops shoe play – Video update 12031

Selena black flip flops shoe play

This is a very high quality video clip of one of our favorite models, Selena, with black flip flops on her polished feet. There’s a lot of shoe play and dangling here, with nice views and close ups of her toes, arches and soles. Really nice high quality video with playful feet in sandals. Duration: 5’30.

Severine playfully teasing with her feet in blue flip flops – Video 11013


Severine is a really cute student with delicate soft feet that look good with any shoes, flip flops in particular. This time we had her sitting on the sofa and asked her to tease us with her feet and shoe play. Her sweet feet were really playing with her sandals, while she was playing with her phone. We get to see her feet soles very well, so much that even her soft feet will reveal slightly rough parts under her feet. Just very lightly, you would’t notice in real life, but this video brings you close to her feet and reveals every detail. Her feet are very small and feminine. She wears 35.5 or 36 size shoes (EU), which is about size five in the US: Clip duration: 3 minutes.

Severine black thong sandals on the couch – Video update 11009

11009 Severine

Severine is a very cute French model with incredibly perfect feet that look great in sandals.  We asked her to relax on the couch with her black thong sandals on her feet.  She immediately and naturally started moving her feet around with nice dangling and shoe play, until her shoes fell off.  I didn’t need to ask her to move her feet and dip some shoe play.  She tole me that she always plays around like that when she’s in school or at work.  Must be incredible to sit behind her!

Selena in black nylons and high hells pumps – Video 4182

Selena feet in pumps and nylons

Selena is one of our favorite and most popular models.  She is beautiful, young, smart, sexy, with long legs and really sexy feet.  In this video she is taking notes on paper sheets. She is wearing black stockings and high heel pumps.  Her feet are playful, we can really enjoy her dangling and shoeplay in her sexy shoes.  This video was actually shot by accident, her shoeplay, dangling and dipping was spontaneous and not planned.  High quality HD video file: 1920×1080. Duration: 3’50.

Christy schoolgirl Flip flops tease in sandbar – Gallery 0991


Christy is sitting in the sandbar with blue rubber sandals on her beautiful feet. Her toes play with the sand, her feet play with the shoes.