Abby dangling flip flops in the park – Video – Update 3288

Abby is in the park with cute rubber green and black flip flops. Her feet are perfect with smooth soft skin. Her toes are long and sexy with red nail polish. As she plays around she lets her sandals dangle off her feet, occasionally slipping in and out. We can really admire her feet and toes here in detail and high quality. abby is a very sweet model.

Abby tries her platform sandals – Video – Update 3284

Abby hasn’t had those shoes for a long time. She tries them on again, dangles them a little, takes them off again, slips in and out of her shoes.

Abby young feet and flip flops play and tease – Video – Update 3265

Abby is a cute new young student model at Sweet character, cute face, nice legs and perfect soft and slender feet. This girl was a little shy at the beginning but at the same time very playful and really likes to tease you anyway she can, particularly with her feet, which she knows are very beautiful. The flip flops looked very nice on her feet, and she was able to play with them using her flexible toes and flexing her soft and long soles. We get to see her action practically on our face, enjoying every detail of her sweet feet.