Caro’s feet and soles in the park – Video – Update 3165


Caro is laying on her stomach reading a book in the park. Her feet are in the air and we can admire her soles and beautiful polished toes. Her feet are just a little dirty at the bottom. caro is really cute and has very nice slender feet.

Caro dangling rubber flats – Video – Update 3148


Cute Caro is sitting and letting her shoes dangle off her feet. She has rubber flats, which are perfect for dipping and shoeplay. Her slender feet are a little dirty because dust goes through the holes in her shoes. Wee see her feet and toes from every angle and sometimes with very strong close up. caro is really cute and she can really dangle her shoes.

Caro in pink flip flops on the phone – Video – Update 3153


Caro on the phone leaning against the wall. Her slightly dirty feet are completely free to move around and play with the shoes. She has matching pink nail polish on her toes. Her soles curl and stretch, her slender toes play and grab the straps from her sandals.