Janine in the park dangling shiny silver flip flops. – Video – Update 4084

4084 - Janine shoeplay in silver flip flops

Janine is sitting under a free, her cute small feet playfully moving in her nice shiny flip flop sandals. She removes her shoes and slides back in. Then she lays other stomach and lets her feet swing in the air. We see her slightly dirty soles, and then we can enjoy a nice scene of shoeplay in the air.

Janine dangling silver flip flops

Janine dangling her flip flops – Video – Update 4074

Natalie dangling flip flops

Janine is sitting up and her feet are not touching the floor. They move in the air and play with her flip flops. They dangle and move around while her feet play with them.

Janine feet dangling red ballerina shoes – Video – Update 4068

Janine dangling red ballerinas

Janine is new and is one the cutest girls we’ve ever had. This young student just turned 18 and loves showing off her feet. When we don’t look at her her feet play naturally with the shoes, slipping in and out or letting them dangle. She likes wearing sandals in general and has many shoes. This was her first foot play in front of the camera, she has her cute red ballerinas dangling off her toes until they come off, revealing her slightly dirty soles. She’s a bit shy but she’s learning. She likes her own feet and wants to show them off as much as she can.