Lalla ‘s toes, feet and soles in pantyhose outside. – Gallery – Update 3112


Lalla is sitting outside, her shoes are removed. Admire her beautiful student feet in stockings. High resolution photo gallery in members area.

Lalla’s feet on the table playing with jewellery – Video – Update 3111


Lalla puts her feet on the table. She lets her red ballerinas slowly come off and shows us her sexy naked feet with her sole practically on your face. She rube her feet, curls her soles, wiggles her toes. She uses her feet to play with a neckless, sometime running it between her toes.

Lalla in Flip flops on the couch – Video – Update 3167


Lalla ls laying on her stomach on the couch, with thong sandals on her feet. Lots of dangling and shoeplay, with her flip flops even hanging off her toes. Her feet are cute and small, nice to see in action.

Lalla’s high heels dangling in stockings – Video – Update 3159


Beautiful dangling video with Lalla’s feet in black stockings and sexy silver colored high heel sandals. Lots of dangling and shoeplay until the thoes fall off, and from every angle.

Lalla’s boots and nylon soles – Video – Update 3156


Lalla has been walking all day in her boots, her feet were only covered with transparent pantyhose. When she lays on the couch she slowly removes her boots and we can see her perfect feet under her sext bylons. We can also notice a nice light smell coming from her feet for wearing her boots so long without socks. She rubs her feet together, curls and stretches her soles, it’s all serious tease with her feet near our faces.

Lalla’s feet trampling grapes and making wine – Video – Update 3122


Lalla is standing on top of a large pan containing red grapes. Her feet rub and crush the grapes, letting all the juice come out. I was lucky enough to be able to drink it and loved it. The way she moves her feet to squeeze the grapes is just sexy. We get very close with our cameras to show you all in details.