Linda wood sandals shoeplay in the park – Update 12042 HD

Linda dangling sandals

Linda in laying on her stomach in the park with her feet in the air. She has a pair of very sexy wooden high heel thong sandals with flip flops like straps in her playful feet. Lots of shoeplay and dangling in the air, one shoe falls off and the feet keep playing around, with slightly dirty soles. Very beautiful girl, extra nice feet and one of the best video quality clips we’ve produced so far.

Linda with wedge sandals in fall – Video – Update 4118

Linda dangling wedge sandals 4118

It’s autumn time and the part is covered with yellow and red leaves. Linda is wearing one of her sexy brown wedge sandals. Wedge shoes are one of the more special assortments of ladies footwear and they could be worn in between any season. Not warm and not cold, Linda would not usually wear open shoes, but those wedge sandals are comfortable enough. While sitting down she unties the laces letting her feet move and play with her dangling sandals.

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Linda dangling cork sandals – Video – Update 4110

4110brs wedge sandals

Nice looking and popular model Linda is outside wearing her cork platform sandals. She sits and lets her shoes dangle off her feet. With nice quality video we get to admire her playful feet and shoeplay in detail. Side view and back view of her soles.

Linda in the park with first wedge sandals – Video – Update 4109

Linda in wedge sandals - 4109

This clip was made responding to a custom request. Linda is walking around a park with unbuckled wedge sandals. We see her nice feet walking step after step on the grass, asphalt, and stairs. when she sits down she lets her sex sandals dangle a little off her feet. Then she gets up and walks around again. Very cute.

Linda with wedge sandals – Video – Update 4081

Linda wedge sandals

Linda is sitting outside wearing a nice casual dress and sexy wedge sandals. Her incredibly soft feet and painted toe nails look really good in her shoes. She takes them off, play around a little and puts them back on. She’s a very cute girl and shoes like that make her feet really sexy.

Linda with foot jewelry in silver colored flip flops – Gallery – Update 4080

Linda feet jewelry and sandals

Linda is one of the most popular models among Baresandals members, and many liked her video with shiny flip flops and elaborate foot jewelry. The sexy foot anklets go from her ankle to her toes with a nice toe ring. She was showing off her feet with jewelry and playing around with her sandals. Now we are adding some pictures with higher resolution close ups of her feet with jewelry and her sandals.