Clara and Marla Soles play on the table – Gallery – Update 4095

Clara and Marla Soles

Enjoy those feet and soles on your face. Clara and Marla have their incredible feet on their desk and their soles practically on your face. They touch and rub each others feet together, you get lots of nice young feet.

Clara and Marla, Shoes dangling and feet on the table – Video – Update 4024


Clara and Marla have their feet on the table. Clara has stroppy wedge sandals, Maria has golden high heels. Their feet move around and play with the shoes while slowly removing them, revealing their nice soft soles.

Clara and Marla, soles teasing on the table – Video – Update 4023


Clara and Marla are good friends. They both have their feet on the table and their shoes come off. Knowing you are watching they place their soles in front of your face, moving their feet and occasionally letting their feet rub together. Those are two perfect looking feet, with soft skin and nice soles. The toes wiggle occasionally in a teasing way. Those two students are amazing together.

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