Natalie black nylons and flip flops – Video – Update 4104

Natalie nylons and flip flops

Natalie is wearing black stockings and also blue rubber flip flops. She is outside, siting at first and then standing. It’s unusual to see a girl with flip flops and pantyhose, but Natalie manages very well. We see her sandals dangling off her feet, her shoeplay and dipping, her nylon covered soles from behind as she lifts her heels, her thong sandals going between her toes through her stockings. High quality video.

Natalie dangling high heel sandals – Gallery – Update 4096

Dangling high heels 4096

Sweet blond Natalie sits outside and lets her high heel sandals dangle off her feet. We get a nice view of her soles as her shoes move in the air.

Natalien dangling high heels

Natalie blue flip flops dangling with dirty feet – Video – Update 4088

Natalie with dirty soles dangling blue flip flops

For such a cure girl with this clean angel face Natalie shows off dirty feet quite often. It doesn’t even happen because we ask her to. She just walks around barefoot in every place, careless about where she puts her feet. Her soles are a bit dirty here and she sitting by the lake letting her flip flops dangle off her feet. Very good quality video.

Natalie on the swing with high heels and black stockings – Update 4086

Natalie high heels and nylons

Natalie is truly one of our cutest models. We’re always happy to present you with her beauty. She is sitting on the swing here wearing high heel sandals and black nylons. Lots of shoeplay, dipping and dangling from all sides. Her feet are filmed from the bottom, sometimes only inches away, and we can admire her feet from close.

Natalie high heels and stockings - 4086

Natalie’s shoeplay in flip flops – Video – Update 4070

Flip flops dangling 4070

Natalie is sitting on the bench with her black flip flops. She shows off her feet and lets her sandals dangle off her toes. Nice little shoeplay with slightly dirty soles.

Natalie’s dirty feet in flip flops – Video – Update 4071

Nataly dirty feet in flip flops 4071

Natalie is laying down on the bench with her feet in the air. Her dirty are filthy and her soles are filthy. Her flip flops are dangling off her feet. She is playful, her toes spread and grab the sandals, move them around, exposing her dirty soles until they fall off. This angel face is a nice contrast to such dirty feet.