Olga I.

Olga I. with silver sandals – Video – Update 4102

Olga in silver flip flops

Olga I. is wearing decorated silver coloured flip flops. She’s sitting on the bench and very playfully lets her tiny feet slip in and out of her thong sandals. Her soles are small but well wrinkled and is sexy how she moves and spreads her little toes.

Olga I. In the park with flip flops, part 2 – Video – Update 4101

Olga I. In the park with flip flops

Olga I. Is still laying on the grass, this time the camera goes behind her and uncles to her soles while she delights us with her beautiful and natural shoeplay, with her small, sexy, and slightly dirty wrinkled soles right on our face. Her toes are very talented in grabbing the rubber flip flops and playing around with them. High quality video.

Nikola barefoot in the park – Video – Update 3032

Olga Flip flops dangling

One of the first videos we did with Nikola, and she’s really looking cute. She’s barefoot in the park laying on her stomach with her feet in the air. Really beautiful wrinkled soles and wiggling toes, with nice close ups.

Olga in the park – Gallery – Update 4099

Olga I. Barefoot

Cute 18 y/o Olga I. barefoot and with flip flops in the park.