Elsa soles on the table – Video Update 4152

Elsa reading and writing, her shoes are off and she puts her feet on the table. Her soles are on our face and she has red nail polish on her toes. Her small feet are sweet and sexy. Only as the camera comes closer to her soles we can see her skin in detail, sometimes slightly dry in small areas. What a sexy girl that loves teasing us knowing exactly what we like about her beautiful feet.

Diana shoe play in red high heels sandals – 4151

Diana is looking better and better. This beautiful girl comes tease us with her feet and her red high heels. She lets her feet slip in and out of her sandals, shows off her toes and soles, lets her feet dangle and plays around.

Elsa with thong sandals under the table – Video 4150

Elsa is sitting at the table working on papers. Her perfect looking cute feet are playfully moving under the table with her shiny thong sandals. Because of her shoe play and dangling we can really admire the shape of her small feet as they pull, stretch, push and curl. Her soles are always amazing and take the nicest poses when she pulls and pushes on her sandals. The girl is very cute.

Elsa feet on the table and high heels – Video 4149

Elsa high heels update 4149

Elsa is sitting on the couch with her small feet on the coffee table. She is wearing sexy high heels which soon start to come off. Her feet slip in and out of her shoes, sometimes she remains barefoot with her beautiful and soft soles well visible as they curl and stretch. She even massages shortly her feet and toes with her hands. Sext shoes, beautiful girl, perfect soft, small feet.

Candid soles and feet shoe play under the table – Video 4148

This cute girl was sitting at the restaurant and we noticed her playful feet slipping out of her flat summer sandals. Her soles are nice and well visible, we sat behind her table and filmed the whole action up close. Lots of shoeplay, her feet were out of her shoes most of the times. Her foot play was spectacular as her soles kept stretching and curling. Nice candid feet video.

German blonde girl in white sandals in the metro. Candid video 4147

German girl candid feet in metro 4147

Cute blonde German girl caught in the metro with flip flops like white thong sandals in the metro. Sometimes beautiful things happen when least expected, and I certainly didn’t expect this cute girl to sit in front of me in the metro. She looked good, had nice feet, and I was able to see them in many poses, toes, arches and soles, as she moved them, stretched them, or pushed them against the metal pole in front of her.