Candid flip flops shoeplay, best of the year – Video – 4146

Candid flip flops shoeplay 4146

This woman was sitting outside having breakfast wearing rubber flip flops. This is one of the very best candid feet video we had in years. Very high quality video, gorgeous girl, beautiful feet and incredible shoe play. She was elegant and yet her feet were moving around a lot in her sandals. She had flexible and playful feet, the poses with the flip flops were amazing, making her toes and soles look great, sometimes stretching, other times curling. She also had some of the nicest arches I’ve seen in a very long time. The video is absolutely worth it. More than 9 minutes beauty.









Chinese girls playful feet in flip flops. Candids – Video update 4145

This Chinese girl looks very, very nice, with her nice body, cute face, and perfect feet. She was visiting Europe as a tourist and sat outside a cafe to have a small drink. Her beautiful feet were playful and kept moving in her flip flops. We were close to her feet and captured some good foot action on our hidden camera.

Selena high heels shoeplay in library – Video update 4144

Selena dangling high heel sandals in library - 4144

Beautiful Selena, one of our best looking full time student and part time models. She is gorgeous and playful. Long legs and sexy slender feet with perfect toes. We see her in this clip playing with sexy high heel sandals with straps, showing off her beautiful feel, soles, and toes.

Selena shoeplay in black strappy flat sandals – Video – Update 4143

Selena dangling in black flat strappy sandals 4143

Selena is one of our cutest models and she came to meet us with a new pair flat sandals with thin black straps. Her feet became nicer since the last time we say her. She has pink nail polish on her toe nails and her soles became softer. she has no problem showing off her feet when dangling and teasing.

French Girl Candid Feet in Ballerinas – Video – 4141

Here is a cute French girl as she was sitting outside a coffee shop with a friend. She had black ballerinas on, but not for long. She could not resist having her feet slip out of her shoes and get some fresh air. Her toes had a nice light nail polish and her soles looked soft. She was moving a lot, sometimes dangling one shoe off her feet, most of the times moving her flats around.

Student Selena feet and shoeplay in pink flip flops under her desk, Video update 4137

Student Selena feet and shoeplay in pink flip flops under her desk, Video update 4137 Baresandals

This is an amazing video clip of one of our most popular and beautiful models ever, Selena. We told her we were fixing the camera and needed a little time. She didn’t know we were filming and ignored us while writing something for herself. She was wearing pink flip flops and her feet were moving around under the desk. What we filmed was not staged, her shoeplay was natural because she didn’t know we were filming. She told us later that she always lets her feet slip out of her shoes or lets them dangle in the university or anywhere she sits. Her shoeplay and dangling is magnificent and natural. Her soles are often visible in public. Beautiful model, high quality video.