American girl with soft feet in black flip flops – Candid update 12297

We found this American tourist with nice looking soft feet in nice black flip flops. What is special about her is that her feet were playful and restless. She moves her feet in many different ways and lets them take many positions, showing off her incredible soles and arches.

Teresa dangling black flat shoes outside – Update 12296

Our model Teresa is sitting outside wearing black leather flat shoes.  The feet swing up and down and slip out of her shoes.  She starts to let them dangle a little and plays around with her feet.

Selena dangling and shoeplay in German sandals – Update 12293

Selena dangling German sandals 12293

Selena is wearing German Birkenstock sandals. Sitting outside she moves her feet and lets her shoes dangle off her feet and toes. Her feet move around and slip in and out of her sandals, the sweat marks are visible on her shoes.

Sandra pedal pumping in sandals on vintage sowing machine – update 12290

Sandra pedal pumping feet in high heels 12290

A nice pedal pumping update clip with Sandra wearing high heel sandals and green nail polish on her toes. She works on a vintage sowing machine that needs to be operated with the feet. She pushes up an down, our camera filmed her at floor level.

Selena removes Dr Martens boots and then her white socks – update 12284

Selena has Dock Martin boots on but quickly removes them. We see her feet covered in white socks wiggling the toes and mov ing around. Then she removes her socks and remain barefoot next to the boots. Her feet play with the boots and are filmed from many angles.

Italian girl at the restaurants with flip flopsunder the table showing her soles – Update 12283

A very good looking young Italian woman is at the restaurant outside having a meal. She lifts the back of her feet and reveals her nice soles and the top of her collared flip flops. She has nail polish on her toes and very attractive feet. She doesn’t move much but certainly shows her feet in sandals very well.