Nikola barefoot in the park – Video – Update 3032

Nikola Barefoot 3032

One of the first videos we did with Nikola, and she’s really looking cute. She’s barefoot in the park laying on her stomach with her feet in the air. Really beautiful wrinkled soles and wiggling toes, with nice close ups.

Olga in the park – Gallery – Update 4099

Cute 18 y/o Olga I. barefoot and with flip flops in the park.


Nikola shoeplay in cream and gold thong sandals – Video – Update 4098

Nikola shoeplay in cream sandals

Nikola is standing outside in summer. She has a pair of nice cream colored thong sandals with a golden metal part going between her toes. Nice shoeplay , she moves her feet, plays around, lets her shoes come off until she remains barefoot. Then we can admire her feet up close, with her soles curling up and stretching. Very nice quality large sized video.

Silvia self foot massage and toe spreading – Video – Update 4097

Silvia soles and toes self foot massage

Silvia puts her feet on the desk, removes her high heels and massages her own feet. Her fingers run over her soles and between her toes. Then she moves her feet, rubs them on each other, wiggles and spreads her toes, curls and stretches her soles. She can really move and spread those toes.

Natalie dangling high heel sandals – Gallery – Update 4096

Dangling high heels 4096

Sweet blond Natalie sits outside and lets her high heel sandals dangle off her feet. We get a nice view of her soles as her shoes move in the air.

Natalien dangling high heels

Clara and Marla Soles play on the table – Gallery – Update 4095

Clara and Marla Soles

Enjoy those feet and soles on your face. Clara and Marla have their incredible feet on their desk and their soles practically on your face. They touch and rub each others feet together, you get lots of nice young feet.