Elisabeth trying out our motorbike – Gallery – Update 4085

elisabeth in flip flops

We had a nice Yamaha motorbike parked outside our office. Elisabeth never used a motorbike, but she wanted to sit on it with the engine on. She was wearing black flip flops that were incredibly sexy on her feet. She has a very soft skin on her face and feet, but her soles also have some rough spots that I personally love to have on my face. Seeing her feet in flip flops sandals push on the break and gears pedals made me crazy for the day. She is one of the sexiest women I’ve ever met in my life.

Janine in the park dangling shiny silver flip flops. – Video – Update 4084

4084 - Janine shoeplay in silver flip flops

Janine is sitting under a free, her cute small feet playfully moving in her nice shiny flip flop sandals. She removes her shoes and slides back in. Then she lays other stomach and lets her feet swing in the air. We see her slightly dirty soles, and then we can enjoy a nice scene of shoeplay in the air.

Janine dangling silver flip flops

Emily with girlfriend, kisses and foot worship – Video – Update 4083

Emily foot worship 4083

Emily with girlfriend, kisses and foot worship – Update 4083
Smily comes home and is attracted by her friend sleeping on the couch. They talk to each other (in German) and quickly start kissing each other. They massage each other and Emily finally reaches her friends’ feet. They are both wearing high heel flip flops sandals.

Candid feet, Italian girl soles in white sandals – Video – Update 4082

Candid feet & soles in white sandals - 4082

A nice looking Italian girl was having a drink at a bar table outside. She was wearing white sandals that were slipping off sometimes. We went behind her and could really admire red soles as she let her sandals slip and go down. Our hidden camera was able to capture her candid feet in all their beauty

Linda with wedge sandals – Video – Update 4081

Linda wedge sandals

Linda is sitting outside wearing a nice casual dress and sexy wedge sandals. Her incredibly soft feet and painted toe nails look really good in her shoes. She takes them off, play around a little and puts them back on. She’s a very cute girl and shoes like that make her feet really sexy.

Linda with foot jewelry in silver colored flip flops – Gallery – Update 4080

Linda feet jewelry and sandals

Linda is one of the most popular models among Baresandals members, and many liked her video with shiny flip flops and elaborate foot jewelry. The sexy foot anklets go from her ankle to her toes with a nice toe ring. She was showing off her feet with jewelry and playing around with her sandals. Now we are adding some pictures with higher resolution close ups of her feet with jewelry and her sandals.