French girl rough soles slip out of sandals, candid feet – Update 12276

Good looking blonde girl from France is sitting outside with friends. She came with silver shiny strappy sandals, which came off quickly. She remained barefoot resting her feet on her sandals. Very sexy, her soles were nice and visible to everyone behind her in great detail. Despite her clean looking cute French. face, her soles were a bit dirty with some rough skin, which some of us really like.

Blonde girl with German sandals under the table – Update 12268

This very cute looking German girl had Birkenstock sandals popular in Germany under the table. Her feet were nice and slender, and t was nice to see them slip off of her sandals once in a while, revealing her curling soles. Her nails had nail polish. Her face is very cute. Candid feet video.

German girl feet out of flats under cafe table – update 12267

A cute looking German girl sits at a cafe and removes her black and white flats under the table while talking to a friend. Her soles are a bit tired looking, she has probably been walking a lot in those shoes and didn’t do much to change the look and feel. Some like her soles like that, especially when they are wrinkled and curled with the toes resting in the shoes.

German girl with blue flip flops at the bus station – Candid update 12266

This cute blonde girl was sitting at the bus station waiting for transportation. It was Summer and she had a pair of blue flip flops on her feet. No dangling or play, but she does change position relatively often revealing her feet and soles from many different angles. Most of the video was shot from behind a glass so many scenes are not very high in contrast and detail, but her feet are nice.

Saleswoman Adriana massages her own feet on the seat in shopping center – Update 12263

Adriana works in a department store and had to walk many hours a day in her high heels and pantyhose. She is happy to take a break, remove her high heels, and massage her own feet. She does this through her transparent nylon socks, and also barefoot, as she removes and puts the nylon socks on and off. We can see how tired her feet are with some of the skin becoming rough after hours and hours in those shoes.


Saleswoman Adriana removes high heels and shows tired feet in nylons – Update 12256

Adriana works in a department store and had to walk many hours a day in her high heels and pantyhose. By modelling for us she accepted to show off her tired feet and the way she usually lets them stretch and rest out of there shoes when she takes a pause from work. She is wearing tanned transparent shockings here and her feet are well visible through the nylon. She is not wearing nail polish, just has traces of previously used polish before. Her soles and heels are dry and visibly tired from the hours at work. A slight pleasant smell can be perceived when getting close to her shoes and feet.