Nicole shoeplay in black rubber platform sandals – Video – update 4052

Nicole in platform flip flops - 4052

Nicole is one of our favorite and cutest models. She is usually very elegant and likes to wear expensive shoes, boots and high heels. But this time we asked her to show off her feet in those rubber black platform flip flops. When we first met her she was a little shy about showing off her feet in flip flops but now she has no problems with it and really enjoys teasing us. Her long toes are lovely.

Two tourists in platform thongs and flat sandals – Video – Update 4060

Candid platform flip flops - 4060

Two beautiful girls enjoying their holidays in Europe. One of them is wearing flat sandals, but we concentrate on the second one, a beautiful and elegant young woman with platform thong sandals and slightly darker skin color. They are standing around and we get a close up of her feet, sometimes she lifts her heels revealing her soles. Her nail polish on her toes looks a little messy on her toes because she obviously didn’t apply it with much care. The feet are a little dirty from walking around the city. Very nice girls, more elegant than the average tourists we film.

White flip flops under the table – Video – Update 4059

Candid white flip flops 4059

Cute blond girl sitting at the cafe talking to friends. Under the table she has white flip flops sandals on her feet. Her toes have red nail polish and her soles are just a little rough from walking around a lot in summer. She moves fed feet slightly and lets her feet play a little in her shoes. Candid video. Duration: 6’48

Nikola feet and toes in summer thong sandals – Video – Update 4058


Nikola has many fans that love her feet and toes. For you, this is a special video.  Nikola has a pair of colored summer flat sandals and teases us with her feet and shoe play. She puts her toes right in front of the camera and starts wiggling them and moving them around. Her feet slip in and out of her shoes, they rub each other, play around and tease us all the time. Her soles are perfectly visible, they curl and stretch over the camera and just a few inches away.

Selena shoeplay in flat thong sandals – Video – Update 4057

Selena shoeplay 4057

Selena tries those new sandals on. They are glad cream colored sandals with a golden thong piece going between her long toes. She has nice long legs with slender feet and soft soles. Selena is one of our favorite models and one of our most liked shoe teasers. Her shoe play here is filmed closely to show her feet clearly.

Erin and Tania trying shoes and sandals- Video – Update 4056

Erin and Tania trying shoes and sandals

Erin and Tania are two very cute college students that love to model for Baresandals, and they are also best friends. They came to us with some of their shoes and we gave them some of our own. We see them trying all the shoes, swapping them, slipping in and out and really looking good with their feet from thong sandals to high heels. Sweet girls.