Selena’s flip flops tease and sweet soles in your face – Gallery & Video, Update 4037

Selena's flip flops tease and sweet soles in your face

New and beautiful video and pictures of Selena, a sweet looking student and one of our best looking models. Selena has a perfect body with long legs, slender and flexible feet, polished toes, and soft soles. She has pink flip flops on and puts her feet on the desk. Her feet play around with her flip flops, she lets them dangle, grabs the straps with her toes, slips her get in and out of her sandals, wiggles her toes, curls and stretches her sexy soles. You can admire her feet, arches, soles and toes. She loves teasing you with her feet ad you will get plenty of that. You are at the bottom of her feet, only inches away from her soles, you can practically smell the sweet aroma coming from the bottom of her toes.

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Linda in flip flops with see through soles – Video – Update 4036

Linda dangling transparent flipflops, Baresandals

A very sexy video of Linda on the couch wearing transparent flip flops with see through soles. She dangles a little, lets her feet slip in and out of her sandals, but mostly shows off her feet and soles through her clear flip flops. It’s a great tease that you won’t forget very fast.

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Spanish woman with golden thong sandals candids – Video & Small Gallery – Update 4035

Baresandals_candid_feet_flipflops 4035

Nice attractive Spanish woman sits down to take a break from walking around the city. She lifts her heels showing us her soles, and lets her feet slip slightly in her sandals. Her shoes dangle off her feet a little. The level of detail is very high, all the way to macro shots of her toes.

Ginevra shoe dipping and toe spreading. Video & Gallery – Update 3245

Ginevra toe spreading and shoeplay

Ginevra is one of our favorite models ever. This Italian girl has nice slender feet and some of the most flexible toes we’ve ever seen. See her slip her feet in and out of her shoes, spread and wiggle her toes, dangle her shoes off her toes, wrinkle and stretch her soles, enjoy her long and sexy arches. She’s standing but you’r at her foot level, enjoying the whole scene from the bottom.

Linda on the couch with black nylons. Video – Update 4034

Linda's feet and soles in black stockings

Linda is laying on the couch with her sweaty and smelly feet covered in nylons. When she puts her feet on the off fee table you will feel like they are all over your face. Wouldn’t you love to have her rub her stocking covered feet on your face and smell the aroma?

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Charlotte, crushing flowers barefoot. Video – Update 3155

Charlotte barefoot crushing

Beautiful college girl charlotte is wearing her bikinis. She stands barefoot on the table and starts crushing some flowers in a dish. Her toes playfully, grab the flowers, and play with some jewellry in the dish. We can admire her feet from every angle, particularly her arches and soles from under.