Nikola pantyhose feet tickling – Video – Update 3219

Nikola is sitting outside and removed her shoes. Her feet are covered in thin transparent nylon stockings. A man grabs her feet and tickles them. His fingers run and tickle her soles, toes, and all around her sexy feet. Her pantyhose are so thin that sometimes it looks like she’s barefoot. The man pulls her stockings sometimes and her feet can be seen perfectly through them.

Lalla ‘s toes, feet and soles in pantyhose outside. – Gallery – Update 3112

Lalla is sitting outside, her shoes are removed. Admire her beautiful student feet in stockings. High resolution photo gallery in members area.

Candid airport flip flops feet – Video – Update 3160

Three cute girls are sitting at the airport terminal and playing with a phone. They are all wearing flip flops. One of them, probably the cutest, has dirty feet. There’s some dangling and moving, close ups, the girl with dirty feet shortly runs a finger between her toes. The girls are very cute and clean looking.

Nikola dipping on high heel sandals and olive oil foot massage – Video – Update 3329

Beautiful Nikola is sitting in a restaurant dangling her sexy golden high heel sandals. She’s eating some bread with olive oil. Her feet keep dipping in and out of her shoes, we come so close we see every detail of her soles in very high quality. Her feet are a little dry and she decides to use her hand to massage them with the olive oil.

Jana’s extreme flip flop tease in white sandals – Video – Update 3090

Jana’s feet are a little dirty.  She has white rubber flip flops on. The camera is inches away from her feet, filming everything from the bottom up. Her toes move, spread and play with the flip flops rubber band. Her feet rub each other. Her sandals dangle, she slips her shoes in and out. We also see her feet from behind as her soles curl up. Silent video. One of our best flip flop tease clips.

Clara and Marla, soles teasing on the table – Video – Update 4023

Clara and Marla are good friends. They both have their feet on the table and their shoes come off. Knowing you are watching they place their soles in front of your face, moving their feet and occasionally letting their feet rub together. Those are two perfect looking feet, with soft skin and nice soles. The toes wiggle occasionally in a teasing way. Those two students are amazing together.

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