Nikola’s feet in pink high heel sandals – Gallery – Update 3024

This is the first times we ever took pictures of Nikola, when she just turned 18. She is a really cute girl with very sweet feet. She always knew how to tease you with her feet. Watch her feet playing around with her cute pink high heel sandals.

Wiebke showing off her feet and soles – Gallery – Update 3337

Model Wiebke makes herself comfortable on the couch and puts her feet high up so that we can admire them in detail. Her shoes dangle off her feet and come off. Her soles are nice and soft. They curl and stretch beautifully for the camera. Her feet have a perfect shape and magnificent arches.

Selena’s and soles feet in the park – Gallery – Update 3339

Selena is a nice mannered student with a perfect face. It’s hard to imagine this cute face in the park teasing you with her feet and soles, grabbing the green grass and pulling flowers between her toes.  Here’s a nice photo gallery that will show you Selena and her feet in great detail.

Nice tourist with sandals and blue nails – Video – Update 4025

Very beautiful woman wearing sandals and blue nail polish on her toes. She also has a large tattoo on her ankle. Obviously, she likes to draw attention to her beautiful feet. This candid video takes you very close to her feet, literally inches away, revealing every detail.

Clara and Marla, Shoes dangling and feet on the table – Video – Update 4024

Clara and Marla have their feet on the table. Clara has stroppy wedge sandals, Maria has golden high heels. Their feet move around and play with the shoes while slowly removing them, revealing their nice soft soles.

Nikola and Stacy, feet and soles in the park – Video – Update 3559

Nikola and Stacy are two friends, both students. They are relaxing in the park enjoying a sunny day. Both are laying on their stomach and talking to each other. They have nice long legs and they are nicely visible since both girls are only wearing shorts. They removed their flip flops and let their feet enjoy the fresh air. They wiggle their toes, curl and stretch their soles, and keep moving their feet around. We love Nikola’s feet with her wrinkled soles, while Stacy has beautiful long feet with incredibly soft skin.