Anna Luisa foot smothering in flip flops – Video – Update 3114

Anna luisa is almost naked on the couch. She has white flip flops on her feet and she rubs them on the man’s face. Her sandals slip off, then she wiggles her toes on his face and rubs her soles on his nose and mouth. She forces him to smell her toes and then continues the smothering in flip flops.

Anna Luisa’s red high heels and foot tease – Video – Update 3113

Anna luisa has very sexy red high heel sandals. Laying on the floor, she teases us playing with her shoes and feet. Her red dress is very short and when she moves around we get a nice view of her legs. When she removes her sandals we get to admire ter soles and wiggling toes.

Anna Luisa bare soles and toes tease – Video – Update 3105

Anna Luisa is on the couch barefoot. She works entirely on teasing you with her bare feet and toes, rubbing them on each other, spreading toes and playing around. It’s very sexy and she knows it.

Anna Luisa’s bare feet play with jewellery – Video – Update 3104

Anna Luisa is sitting barefoot on the couch. She runs a necklace through her toes and lets her feet play around with it. Every movement to tease you with her soles inches away from your face. Beautiful clip. High quality, large format.

Anna Luisa with golden high heel sandals – Video – Update 3102

Anna Luisa dangles and plays with her sexy golden high heel sandals. Lots of shoeplay, teasing, and great details if her toes, arches and soles.

Anna luisa feet and stockings – Video – Update 3098

Anna Luisa wakes from sleeping on the couch and slowly removes her stockings. A sexy sight that reveals her intimate parts and fives us an amazing nylon foot tease with her soles occasionally on your face. When her stockings are removed you get to see her naked legs and feet.