Spanish girl standing with flat sandals – update 12243

The girl is cute and her feet are nice but her soles are a little dirty from walking around the city all day. She has flat sandals but when she lifts her heels she shos her dirty soles. There is not much movement or play, but she’s cute and it was nice to discover she was a bit dirty like that.

German blonde with flexible feet and arches in black flip flops – Update 12240 HD

If you love flexible feet, soles, and arches you will love this German girl’s feet. While standing outside, she shows her amazing soles as she rests her feet and tries to be comfortable. Then she sits on a chair and the show continues with her feet posing in different positions and her ankles crossing one behind the other. She has nice toes with nail polish, but above all has amazing sexy soles. High-quality candid feet video.

Teresa dangling and flip flops shoeplay – update 12100

Teresa foot fetish shoe play in flip flops

Teresa is concentrating on her study papers, reading, and writing. Under the table she has nice rubber flip flops on. There is a lot of dangling, shoe play, and dipping. We admire her shapely feet playing and moving from the sides, and then from behind, with her soles being revealed stretched or wrinkled ad she lifts her heels or removes her sandals.

American woman with straps sandals under the table – update 12237

Good looking American girl with sunglasses sitting at a tourist location table looks at the menu to order food or drinks. Under the table, she is wearing a pair of sandals with colored straps. We filmed her feet and shoes from different angles. Not much movement but she is very attractive.

Lena flip flops and foot fetish tease on the bench – update 12235

Lena is a beautiful dark haired German girl with a sweet face.  After walking in sand she sits on the bench and lets her feet relax.  She plays around on her well-worn flip-flops and then lets them slip off to show us her nice soft soles and toes as they wiggle in front of us.  There is some shoeplay action, she likes to let her feet move in her flip flops. Those are sandals that she has been wearing almost every day in Summer, and that’s very clear when you look at them on the top part of her soles.

German woman candid feet in platform soles sandals outside the restaurant – candid feet video update 12232

This beautiful looking German woman was wearing a type of platform sandals with wood soles. She looked very good so we went for her feet, and we saw that her feet were slipping out of her shoes. Most girls were wearing lighter sandals so her feet were standing out. The skin on her soles was looking a little dry, but I personally loved them just the way they are. She changed position once in a while but didn’t move or play much. Still, we have a few different poses.