Ice cream girl in thong sandals, candids. Video update 4038

Update 4038 Baresandals candid feet in thong sandals

The blond girl was very cute and had nice feet, so we wanted to film them even if she was sitting too far away to get perfect video. If you are used to video quality (post 2013 / 2014), this clip might be a little disappointing. But if you like this girl and her feet you’ll still enjoy it. She doesn’t play but moves her feet and toes very slightly once in a while. Medium quality.

Nikola’s transparent flip flops – Video – Update 4015

Nikola is sitting in the park under a tree. She has a pair of clear flip flops with completely transparent soles. You’ll be delighted to see her feet through the transparent sandals. Not only will you admire her soles and toes through her shoes, you will really enjoy her shoe play, with lots of dangling, dipping and moving around.

Olga smashing an apple with high heel flip flops – Gallery – Update 0764

Olga smashing an apple with high heel flip flops

Model Olga wears a pair of high heel flip flops sandals and bikinis. She throws an apple on the floor and then uses her flip flops with spiked heels to crush it into pieces. This photo set is a bit older and lower quality than the newer ones, but she’s still nice to see.

Melanie’s flip flops play in the park – Gallery & Video – Update 4010

Melanie is a new arrival at Baresandals. She’s an incredibly attractive and soft mannered 18 years old girl with beautiful blond hair. Her toe nails are decorated with French manicure and she has been wearing flip flops all summer. Laying on the bench, her flip flop sandals dangle off her toes revealing a nice pair sexy soles. Her feet move around sensually until both sandals come off.

Jana sleeping soles – Video – Update 3305

Jana is falling asleep in her bed. Her bare get are showing up, inches away from you. Her soles are in the air, her toes wiggling and spreading. She moves her bare feet, rubs them together once in a while. It’s a very sexy sight.

Lalla’s feet stomping grapes and making wine – Video – Update 3169

Lalla is standing on top of a large pan containing red grapes. Her feet rub and crush the grapes, letting all the (good tasting) juice come out. The way she moves her feet to squeeze the grapes is just sext. We get very close with our cameras to show you all in details.