Eleonora relaxing with her feet in flip flops – Video – Update 3315

Eleonora looks very elegant in high heel sandals but she can be very sexy in flip flops too. She has casual clothes and relaxes her feet after walking around in flip flops on a hot summer day. Her feet are a bit sweaty. She slips out of her sandals and stretched her feet. She lifts the front and lets her toes wiggle in the air, with her soles practically on our face. She lifts the back and makes her soles look really sexy. They stretch and curl in the most beautiful ways.

Eleonora, Italian girl after bicycle ride in high heels – Video – Update 3312

Eleonora has been riding her bicycle in sexy high heel sandals. This gorgeous italian girl is very elegant but can’t stand walking to riding a bicycle in such high high heels for a very long time. We see her after the ride. She stands near the bicycle and lets her feet dip in and out of her shoes. There is dangling, moving around, slipping in and out of the shoes. We see her sexy shoe play from many different angles. Lovely video of a beautiful girl in evening dress.

Selena showing off her feet and soles in the park – Video – update 3344

If you meet Selena in real life, very polite and always with nice manners, you would never imagine that she’d be putting her slightly dirty soles in front of the camera and show her feet by rubbing them, stretching them and curling them on your face. In the this video she also also uses her feet to grab a flower with her toes, pulling it and making sure we know how flexible her long tose are.

Selena’s white high heel sandals shoeplay – Video – Update 3341

Selena is a very cute 18 years old student with sensational legs and playful feet. She is featured here with a pair of white high heel sandals dangling off her feet. She is sweet and her feet look really nice with the shoeplay.

Candid feet in thong sandals and flip flops – Video – Update 3028

Two good looking girls caught on camera with thong sandals. The first one has high heel flip flops dangling off her feet with purple nail polish on. We see her toes and soles. The second girl is also very beautiful and is cought with green flip flops dangling off her tired but beautiful feet. All candid shots.

Italian slippery feet at the restaurant – Video – Update 3564

Italian girl sits at the restaurant and lets her feet slip in and out of her black thong sandals. We have the luck to sit very near and manage to take beautiful close ups. Candid shots.