Cute tourist soles and flip flops behind her table – update 12201

Candid soles flip flops 12201

This tourist girl looked very good and sat down with friends at the table of an outdoor cafe. We noticed she had a pair of flip flops on her feet and she was moving them a little making her soles well visible. We were able to find a place right behind her and film a nice view.

Filthy soles for a cute girl with friends – update 12198

Dirty soles candid feet

She has filthy soles because she is walking barefoot around the city. Her face is clean, unlike her feet. She sits outside next to her friends, one of them is a girl with nice flat sandals and clean polished feet. She lifts her foot in the air and begins moving it around in a provocative manner, with her soles and toes curling and spreading. Duration: 2’01

Girl dirty soles under the table in playful sandals – Candid photo gallery update 12195g

Here are some fresh faces, cute women in the city and their feet in sandals. A beautiful German girl has her feet move in a sexy way in her thong sandals, and we close up on her toes, a Chinese girl eating at the restaurant, and we get a glimpse of her feet in black rubber flip flops, A couple of girls in the metro, and a blonde at the restaurant gives us a short view of her soles as her feet slipped out of her sandals.


Splendid Russian girls feet and sandals group candid – update 12193

Candid girls sandals feet 12193

These three Russian tourists had beautiful and perfect feet in nice summer sandals that looked elegant, light and sext at the same time. Their nail polish was perfect too, the girl with the black sandals had perfect light blue color applied on her perfect pedicured toes. The clip concentrates of two of the girls, in particular, the girl with black sandals and the girl with pink sandals. The girl with pink shoes was sitting most of the time while the other two were standing mostly. All of them had really cute toes.

Blonde woman soles and shoeplay, feet out of ballerinas – update 12189

This girl looks very good. Her soles are magnificent as her feet slip out of her ballerinas. She doesn’t move very much but she does curl her toes and soles a little and stretches most of the time. The quality is excellent with beautiful detail. This blonde girl’s soles are perfectly visible in their beauty.

Lady in pumps with high heels rests her feet on the chair in the park – Candid update 12178

This woman is very attractive and elegant. On a lunch break at work, she goes out and rests her feet on the chair in front of her.- The whole time I was hoping for her to remove her shoes completely, which unfortunately she didn’t do. There was very little movement and she occasionally let the back of her shoe slip out a little, revealing her arch and foot heel.