Gorgeous German girl with curly hair removes her sandals and shows her soles – update 12230

This is a really good looking German girl with an amazing face and gorgeous curly hair.  She is sitting outside and lets her sandals slip off her feet, making her soles very visible to all of us.  She moves her feet around to change position occasionally, always with her soles well visible.  This is a beautiful girl.

French dirty playful soles under the table – update 12227

This French girl has a really beautiful face. Clean and feminine. It was a surprise to look under the table and discover a pair of dirty soles playing around after slipping out of her flat sandals. The poses are so nice that one couldn’t look away at all. All that stretching, curling with wrinkles on her soles, and playful moves were amazing. The dirt made the contrast and the skin texture even more visible.

Italian girl with green and pink flip flops standing next to her friend in white flip flops – update 12225

This very cute Italian girl is standing next to another girl somewhere near the harbor in Italy. She is wearing a pair of green and pink flip flops, while her friend is wearing a pair of white flip flops. While they are standing they move their feet, sometimes taking very nice poses that certainly catch glimpses, especially the girl with green and pink sandals, ith her nice arches, soft skin, and little toes. We see her face at the beginning, while her friend is only seen from the back. A very cute pair of girls with cute feet in flip flops.

Ivanna wrinkle and flexible soles and toes – update 12222

Ivanna soles and feet

Ivanna’s feet are among the most flexible I know. They are long and slender while completely able to curl, stretch, and wrinkle. Layng on the couch, she has her feet facing the camera and plays around teasing you with her feet and soles. A spectacular view.

High heels shoeplay on the table and Teresa’s feet in your face – Update 12096

Teresa is beautiful and elegant.  She is playing with a pair of green high heel sandals. She places her legs and feet on the table to let the shoeplay and dangling start. As she plays around her soles and right in front of the camera, stretching and curling.  Her toes are nice with nail polish.  She is playful and likes teasing.  This is a very nice clip in HD resolution.  Duration: 3’11

Two Italian girls in flip flops walking in the streets – update 12219

Italian girls flip flops

These two Italian girls are having ice cream while walking calmly a shopping street. They both have small feet and wear nice flip flops. We focus mostly on the girl with white flip flops and green/cyan straps. Her feet are a bit smaller with polished toes. Both girls are walking and stop once in a while, so the video is not always stable, but the details are there with nice close-ups.