Angelina high heels dangling and barefoot on the couch – update 12161

Angelina high heels dangling and barefoot on the couc

Angelina is one of the most beautiful and sexy models we have. It’s amazing to see her on the couch in bikini tasing us with her feet and shoeplay in high heels. Dangling, shoeplay, until the shoes are off and then teasing us barefoot with her soles and playful toes.

Italian girl with platform sandals in furniture store – candid update 12155

Italian girl with platform sandals in furniture store

This Italian girl is wearing platform sandals waiting in line in a furniture store.  What makes this girl special is her incredibly beautiful face.  A candid video of her feet while she was standing not far away.

Two Asian girls feet candids in thong sandals and flip flops – Video 12154

Two Asian girls feet in sandals candid video - brs12154

These two Asian girls were amazing and had really amazing feet. We found them in Italy as they were walking around with their shiny thong sandals being cute tourists. After walking around the city they sat down next to a fountain and started moving their feet and their shoes. We enjoy the scenes in close detail when I take a risk and move the lens really close to their feet and toes. I love it when one of them slaps her flip-flops style sandals against their soles.

Lacey shoeplay in her sandals under the study table, video update 12145

Lacey is sitting at the table studying.  Her feet slipping in and out of her flat sandals, with soles soon showing up behind, as she lifts her heels. She is a very beautiful young woman with incredible hair and small pretty feet, her shoeplay is certainly nice to watch.

Sweet feet and colorful toenails in strap thong sandals, update 12140

Feet candids 12140

Some amazing feet caught by the hidden camera next to this beautiful blond tourist girl sitting outside a monument in Italy.  She had cute sandals with straps on, nice soft feet, and her toenails were painted pink with some decorative patterns.  Her movements were amazing, able to move her feet, spread her toes, and curl her arches and soles in beautiful ways.

Feet candids 12140

Blond woman in platform wood sandals extreme shoeplay candid feet – update 12123

Blond woman in platform wood wedge sandals extreme shoeplay candid feet 12123

This blond young woman was sitting outside having a beer with friends, I never expected to see so much action under the table. She had platform wood sandals on her feet, and her feet kept slipping out of them, curling, moving, twisting and stretching. It was an amazing sight and rarely did I even see so much action taking place under the table in shoes like that. Over the table, her calm face looked very different from the shoeplay and dipping going on under the table.