Lady in pumps with high heels rests her feet on the chair in the park – Candid update 12178

This woman is very attractive and elegant. On a lunch break at work, she goes out and rests her feet on the chair in front of her.- The whole time I was hoping for her to remove her shoes completely, which unfortunately she didn’t do. There was very little movement and she occasionally let the back of her shoe slip out a little, revealing her arch and foot heel.

Two German girls remove sandals and talk barefoot in the city – update 12172

Candid sandals in the city

These two cute girls were talking to each other in the street. Both had flat sandals, one golden and one black. It was a hot summer they so as they talk they removed their shoes. They kept standing barefoot and talk to each other. The blonde girl on the right sat down and started rocking her feet in the air. Filmed at a distance, the quality is OK but not among the best out there.

Asian girl dirty feet and soles candids – update 12183

Asian girl dirty feet and soles 12183

Cute girl sits at the restaurant with pink mocassin shoes. She has playful feet and when she removes her shoes she reveals some very dirty soles. She crosses her ankles, curls and stretches her feet, making quite a show visible around the restaurant. We have some good quality and detailed footage.

Yoga girl candid feet in yoga class – Update 12174

candid yoga girl feet 12174

This video was recorded in a real yoga class, with the girls unaware that the camera was on and filming one girl in particular, getting quite close and making details well visible.  She was changing position once in a while, so we got her feet from all sides.  We have great shots of her soles, curled or stretched, which was great.  Her toes had light blue/green nail polish.  Candid feet in yoga classes are beautiful.

Angelina tries high heels sandals and plays around in them – Update 12165

Angelina High Heel sandals

Angelina is sitting o an office chair wearing bikinis.  She is trying shoes and wears high heels sandals.  Her sexy feet slip in and out of her sandals, move and play around.  We see how nicely her feet look like in her sandals, her soles, nice arches, and perfectly polished toes.

German girl in restaurant rests her feet on her bench – Candid update 12162

German girl in restaurant rests her feet on her bench

This nice German girl was sitting on a bench outside a restaurant reading and having a light meal. She removed her shoes and remained barefoot.  She placed her nice feet with red nail polish on the bench where she was sitting, wiggling her toes, then under the table and a little bit everywhere.  The candid video is very high quality.